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NatMark Internet Services offers two hosting service options: “self serve” or managed. Both services are hosted in our centrally located Network Operations Center outside of Chicago, IL. We utilize the leaders in hardware, software and network connections to insure fast, reliable service and connection to your web site. In addition to 24/7 on site monitoring, we utilize third party monitoring services to monitor server functions as well as the network connections to our data center. This commitment to leading edge technology and customer service has resulted in server uptime exceeding 99.9%  

Our managed server gives you complete access to upload and manage your site.  However, the admin services (email setups, sub domains, ftp access, password access, etc) are handled by NatMark technicians.

Our “self serve” give you access to your server space through cPanel, the industry leader in web site hosting management software.  Once your account is established on our server, you handle most services that your site will require, including email setup, email forwarders, page forwarding, etc.

Hosting Level

“Self Serve”


(1 or 2 page sites)

($23.88 payable yearly)

($48.00 payable yearly)

(Several pages and some images)

($60 payable yearly)

($60.00 payable SEMI-ANNUALLY)

(Large site with many images)

($90.00 payable yearly)

($45.00 payable QUARTERLY)

(Very large site with large images)

($120.00 payable yearly)

($60.00 payable QUARTERLY)

(Super large site with large images and heavy email traffic)

($180.00 payable yearly)

($90.00 payable QUARTERLY)



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